The Godmother: Why no democrat wants to run against her

The mystery of the 2016 Democratic presidential race isn’t why Hillary Clinton seems likely to run. She’s ambitious, qualified, too old to wait another four years and well positioned to win. Why wouldn’t she run?  The mystery is why she has no real competition. So far, none of the Democrats who could seriously challenge Clinton—Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Cuomo, Deval Patrick—have shown any interest. The candidates who have—Brian Schweitzer, Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders—are too weak to arouse much media attention or donor support.
On Tuesday, The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake ran through the reasons various potential challengers seemed disinclined to run: Warren has praised Clinton too much; Joe Biden’s approval ratings are low; O’Malley would have trouble raising money. But these individual factors don’t entirely explain why no one has emerged.     [Read more]    [BJS]

Why terrorists don't kidnap Russians

"Terrorists use terrorism because it works, although not against everybody. The Soviet Union’s flaws were without number, but the effete, obsequious squeamishness that characterizes the current American approach to Islam was not among them..." Read more


How to raise Bam's interest in the Middle East

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'Act like a president or get the hell out'

Mark Levin torched Obama for how he’s handled the beheading of American journalist James Foley, asking “is it too much to expect this pathetic president to spend more than five minutes on it?”
He tells the president that he’ll be the father he never had, telling him to ‘get his ass off the golf course, get the hell back to DC and act like a president. Or get the hell out!’
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Barack Obama's Diary: When to Holder and when to folder

Dear Diary:  There are indications in the polls that Ferguson is going to cause a backlash among voters that may threaten my  immaculate  legacy. I have therefore dispatched  Eric Holder to Missouri to spread alarm among the natives-- something like this: "Stop rioting, or i'll send busloads of undocumented immigrants to compete for your jobs. Put that in your smoldering Papa John's and eat it." Eric is optimistic that it will work. It's worth a try. But enough about me.


Why are we losing our heads to social media?

 "The proliferation of torture and beheading porn is one of the social media horrors of our day. Every minute millions of people around the world send links to videos and photographs. And as world news gets darker, even if you don’t seek them out, such images find their way to you..."
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Cartoon: Gary Varvel

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Cartoon: Rick McKee

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Barack Obama's Diary: Grape expectations

Dear Diary: See what a genius I am: back to boots on the ground in Iraq but we are not rekindling the war. I promise. Dear Reader--admit it, you've were suckered, too. Even Vlad Putin's been unusually silent. And all while I'm on vacation at Martha's Orchard, sorry, Vineyard. But enough about me. Nero played his fiddle while Rome burned. I play golf.

Progress Notes for Patient 540463: Obama Barack, H.

8/13/2014: I had an urgent call from Valerie Jarrett asking me to make a housecall to Martha's Vineyard, with a vertical take-off-and-landing Osprey provided. The same had happened last year, so I had left my appointment book sparsely filled. I found patient in his normal state of paranoia, lying on the floor pounding the carpet beneath him with angst. He was yelling about hurricanes and something called blueberry yum yum. He had apparently ordered several hundred  'advisers' to Iraq, which  had upset Valerie Jarrett, as all decisions do. She says patient has no strategy, no objective and no exit plan all of which is upsetting the Pentagon brass, mightily. I administered a modest dose of Ativan to calm him down and suggested that things would look clearer in he morning. They won't, but at least I can go to bed early and catch up on my reading. Dictated by S.H. Rink M.D.

Question of the Day...

I Wonder Why No Work Boots Were Stolen During the looting in Missouri?  asks The Clash.

Race: Obama takes sides again

This was supposed to be a president who united the country and helped heal racial divisions. Post-racial, post-political. Of course, he’s been anything but, writes Keith Koffler in White House Dossier
As he did in the Trayvon Martin case, President Obama is jumping right into the fray of a racially charged incident with an opinion about what happened.
Sure, in a statement he called for calm, but only indirectly – i.e. we need “healing” instead of “wounds” – and only as a sideshow to his main point, which was empathy for Brown and the clear suggestion that the killing was wrongful and racially motivated
“The death of Michael Brown is heartbreaking, and Michelle and I send our deepest condolences to his family and his community at this very difficult time,” Obama wrote, adding that Brown and his family need “our prayers.”
"Let me be clear," writes Koffler,  "I have no idea why Michael Brown was shot. BUT NEITHER DOES OBAMA."     Read it all


Barack Obama's Diary: Isis faces crisis...

Dear Diary: It's  good to be back in Martha's Vineyard! I gave the Pentagon the go-ahead to bomb ISIS in Iraq, while assuring this country that this did not mean thousands more American boots on the ground.  It never ceases to surprise me how gullible the average American is. People seem to have accepted my cunning maneuver without question.
The past few days have terrified me. I have been keeping up with the hurricaness in Hawaii which pose a serious threat  to my personal crop of Blueberry Yum Yum, near Hilo. But enough about me.

Cartoon: Rick McKee

[The Augusta Chronicle]