Thanks ObamaER visits soar under ObamaCare

Surprise, surprise...Backers of ObamaCare have said it would reduce the number of visits to emergency rooms, The Wall Street Journal notes, but in fact, a poll of ER doctors finds that number has been climbing. "Visits  are  going up despite the (Affordable Care Act), and in a lot of cases because of it," a spokesman for the American College of Emergency Physicians tells the Journal. The findings come from a March poll of 2,098 doctors, three-quarters of whom said they'd seen ER visits increase since January 2014. Last year, less than half of doctors polled noted an increase.


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China and India now dominate US immigration

Move over, Mexico. When it comes to sending immigrants to the U.S., China and India have taken the lead.
China was the country of origin for 147,000 recent U.S. immigrants in 2013, while Mexico sent just 125,000, according to a Census Bureau study by researcher Eric Jensen and others. India, with 129,000 immigrants, also topped Mexico, 


Irony of the week...

Sorry, Libs, but It turns out that three of the six supposedly 'racist' cops arrested after the death of Freddie Gray are African-American.

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Progress Report For: Patient 540463: Obama, Barack, H.

May 2. 2015: Valerie Jarrett called just as I was sitting down to a carefully assembled lunch from Dr Phil's diet book.  Patient  is suffering a massive psychotic break. "The People are demanding that I go to Baltimore to help calm things down," he told me in the privacy of the family apartment. "Are they nuts?" he asked, flinging himself onto the hideous brown sofa. "Have you seen the news clips from there?" That's a downright dangerous place to be. I discussed with my media guys the possibility of just circling the city in Air Force One at very low altitude as a means of striking awe into the hearts of young thugs, without getting in range
"I wouldn't do it" said Josh Earnest. "Imagine if a few ingenious photographers managing to get a shot of riots  with AF1 in the background.  "That would destroy the narrative we have carefully created of you as the wise ruler of millions, far above the fray." As a consolation, Patient has now decided that all who serve him should display a warrant, in the manner of suppliers to the British Royal family --Dictated by S.H. Rink M.D., Psychiatrist and purveyor of  medications to his Imperial Majesty, Barack  H. Obama.


'Crap cannon' thwarts thugs

Police in troubled cities such as Baltimore, and Ferguson, are reportedly stocking up on a riot control substance called Skunk. Technically nontoxic but incredibly disgusting, it has been described as a cross between “dead animal and human excrement." Israeli Defense Forces developed Skunk in 2008 as a crowd-control weapon. Now Mistral, a company out of Bethesda, Maryland, is providing it to police departments in the United States.  A BBC video shows its first use in action, sprayed by a hose, a system that has come to be known as the “crap cannon". Mistral reps say Skunk, once deployed, can  only be neutralized with a special soap. 


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Ted Cruz sez...

“President Obama, could have been a unifying leader...Instead, Obama “has made decisions that I think have inflamed racial tensions, that have divided us rather than bringing us together.”


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When is a protester not a protester?

When referring to individuals who have committed crimes in Baltimore, don’t describe them as “protesters,” advises NPR Standards and Practices Editor Mark Memmott. [Source]


Anarchy in Baltimore, National Guard called out

 A CVS drug store burns as Maryland's governor calls out the National Guard to help deal with thugs who attacked police, torched patrol cars, and staged widespread looting sprees following the funeral for Freddie Gray, who died in police custody. Police report at least 15 officers injured and 27 people arrested.