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Barack Obama's Diary: Aah soh...Abe

Dear Diary:  It seems that the Japanese have taken offence at the absence of Michelle on my visit to Japan. Ambassador Caroline Kennedy gave me a heads-up about this on my way to dinner with Prime Minister Abe. I greeted Mr Abe and said: "It is a delightful coincidence that you  share a name with one of our greatest presidents "
"Which President, Mr President?" Mr Abe asked.
'Why, Abe Lincoln, of course" I answered, between delicious mouthfuls of Kobe beef.
We had a translator at the table with us. I am not familiar with Japanese gestures, but the translator made a rotary motion with an index  finger around one ear as he said: "Abe Lincoln." There was an  fleeting silence which I filled with a sip of sake. But enough about me.

Where's Michelle? Japan dismayed by her absence

First Lady Michelle Obama’s decision to sit out President Obama’s four-nation Asia tour is spurring widespread consternation in Japan, fueling questions about America’s commitment to the country, writes Keith Koffler at White House Dossier. According to a report in The Christian Science Monitor, the Japanese are particularly unnerved because Michelle just spent a celebratory week touring China, Japan’s ancient enemy whose aggressive tactics helped prompt President Obama’s Asia trip in the first place. [Source]

Mirth Day

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Barack Obama's Diary: I heal in Oso

Dear Diary:I like it when  I can seen showing compassion to ordinary folks who have suffered extraordinary misfortune. On my way to Tokyo today I was able to bestow my healing presence on the mudslide town of Oso, Washington.  Then I reboarded Air Force One for the flight to Tokyo. Soon after take-off I visited the cockpit to give the pilots a few tips [I'm a better pilot than my pilots] Then I retired to my bedroom and the soothing delights of Blankie, my comfort blanket, which Marv Nicholson,  my trip director, now knows is as important as my extra- large  container of hand sanitizer that I use use after shaking hands with, and and high-fiving, the unwashed masses. Time for me to snooze, relax and hopefully only wake up as we near Narita airport. But enough about me.

IRS lavishes bonuses on delinquent employees

 The Internal Revenue Service has paid more than $2.8 million in bonuses to employees with recent disciplinary problems, including $1 million to workers who owed back taxes, a government investigator said Tuesday.
More than 2,800 workers got bonuses despite facing a disciplinary action in the previous year, including 1,150 who owed back taxes, said a report by J. Russell George, the Treasury inspector general for tax administration. The bonuses were awarded from October 2010 through December 2012.
George's report said the bonus program doesn't violate federal regulations, but it's inconsistent with the IRS mission to enforce tax laws.  [More]

The worst of Obamacare is yet to come

Even if Obamacare doesn’t lead to an overt single payer system run by the government -- the admitted preference of the president and leading Democrats -- the future is quite predictable unless this law is drastically revised. Just as in the United Kingdom and all systems where everyone is “insured” by government-defined health insurance, we too will soon be plagued with problems unheard of in our pre-Obama system. It’s only a matter of time until we see unconscionable waits for care, overt restrictions on access to tests, drugs, and treatments, worse treatment outcomes -- all proven by the data and the facts from floundering nationalized health systems, as we see reported in the news all over the world.  Read more:     [BJS]


ABC earns an F for news

Since word broke on Thursday night that Chelsea Clinton will be having a baby, ABC has fixated over the news, devoting 12 minutes and 47 seconds of coverage to the arrival of America's new "royal" child. Yet, the same network totally ignored the latest delay of the Keystone XL pipeline by the Obama administration (and the political ramifications that go with it).   Read more: 

Dingy Harry's great uncle 'was hanged for horse theft'

Harry Reid's great uncle Remus reportedly met his end on a gallows in Montana for horse theft and train robbery. Read more details here.       [TG]

Rites of Spring

Don't miss this delightful essay by Conrad Black.     [BJS]

Barack Obama's Diary: Hey, foxie, foxie!

Dear Diary:  I've had a tough week dealing with Putin. And with April 20 being National Pot Day I decided that a joint of Blueberry Yum Yum would be a splendid way to settle my feelings of inadequacy. So I ducked under the Resolute Desk opened the secret compartment and withdrew a fat joint. I called Bo and Sunny along for a walk to give me cover. When I was a safe distance from the house, I lit the joint and inhaled deeply.  Bo and Sunny... Bo and Sunny...strange names for dogs. Then, suddenly ..a red-colored dog materialized before me, panting quietly:  I was transfixed: the fox! It was the mysterious White House fox! I withdrew my iPresidentophone from a pocket and knelt alongside the animal and extended an arm. Click! I had a selfie to beat all selfies and sent it Joe Biden with a message:" Nyaaa, nyaaa! Eat Your Heart Out, Joe." But enough about me.

Biden grade-school secret exposed

Archmere Academy of Claymont, Delaware, the grade school of Joe Biden,  accidentally made public a collection of 60-year-old psychological evaluations indicating that the
Vice President did not learn to speak until he was 8 years old.
The file, sealed in 1951, revealed that the otherwise healthy student
was not able to master complex sentence patterns until 6 years after his average contemporaries. Read more  [TG]


Michele snubbed by 1,000 high school graduates

A high school senior has organised a petition with over 1,000 signatures against Michele Obama speaking at their high school graduation 'because it would overshadow the students' big day'
Taylor Gifford, 18, started an online petition on Thursday with over 1,200 signatures asking that Michelle Obama not speak at Topeka, Kansas, High School graduation. Obama's speech is tied to the 60th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Brown v. Board of Education outlawing segregation in school. Some students feel that the speech would overshadow student accomplishments and others feel limited seating will be a problem 


The Dung Beetle Award goes to...

The Academy of Dung Beetles' Award is being rolled toward a group of seven Washington and Lee University (W&L) students who are are demanding the elite school  "acknowledge" General Robert E. Lee's "dishonorable side."
According to The Roanoke Times, "seven multiracial students, calling themselves 'The Committee,'" have also demanded  that the school, in Lexington, Virginia, "acknowledge and apologize for participating in chattel slavery." They want recognition of "Martin Luther King Jr. Day on the undergraduate campus" and an end to "neo-Confederates" marching across campus "to the Lee Chapel on Lee-Jackson Day."The students say they will "engage in civil disobedience" if their demands are not met by September 1.

Krauthammer: Obama 'brazenly makes things up'

President Obama claimed today that last year health care costs didn’t grow as fast as a few years ago, claiming Obamacare made that happen. But Obamacare didn’t go into effect until this year and  Charles Krauthammer says there’s no way it could have retroactively had an effect on last year’s health care costs. He said that Obama simply makes this stuff up "with a brazenness that is almost admirable." [Source]