Obama disdainful of "little blogs"

 Could anything be more patronizing?  Obama said this in an Iowa  speech in which he  belittled  the whole blogosphere: 

"It used to be that everybody was sitting there watching Walter Cronkite, now everybody is on their own little blog or on their own separate news forum. If you're a Democrat you're reading the New York Times, if you're a Republican, you're watching Fox News. . . people don't listen to each other much."
This is total BS.  I am a conservative, I read the NYT online most days and I sift the  rest of the liberal media for gems about Dems . I never watch Fox News and, while  I do have my "little  blog,"  I make up my mind about you, Mr President,  based on your unfulfilled promises and  your  negligible record of achievement (other than debt creation.)
Mr President, seeing  since this is the land of the free (at least until you came along)  I will go on on writing  "O must GO!" until  they pry this keyboard from my hands.  You may not like it,  Mr President, but  it's called "Freedom of Speech," and you are not the only one who can be patronizing.