The Diary of O

Dear Diary: Busy day. Lunch with Joe Biden before meeting King Abdullah of Jordan and later Leon Panetta. Seems that, at least for the moment,  those pesky Iranian nutjobs are all hat and no cattle [Rick Perry likes to say that and I'm still learning some folksy phrases for the campaign trail, how 'bout: "Mitt Romney is all hat and no cattle." Sounds great, though I say so myself [and I do.] Better yet: "Let me be perfectly clear, Mitt Romney is all hat and no cattle." That's pure redneck gold, right there.  
Meanwhile, Valerie  Jarrett is taking flak for attacking Republicans from a church pulpit. Heck, she's a kitten next to Rev. Wright. No golf today, but I was able to shoot a few hoops before dinner with Marv my new body guy. He's 6ft 8in so barely has to jump for a slam dunk. He had the good sense to let me win, as usual. It's good to be king President. Well, it's time to wrap  this up, close  my laptop, unwrap Bo from my jammie legs, ask Marv to take him out for a pee. And so to bed.