The Diary of O

Dear Diary: Heck of a day, with incoming from all directions, mostly about axing the Keystone XL pipeline, but we managed to deflect some of heat towards the Republicans.  The dinner we had on Michelle's birthday at the BLT Steakhouse inevitably came under fire after the menu was leaked. What's the world coming to when a guy can't even have an $80 steak without people whining about "the 99 percent."   This occupy crap is getting  really old. I now regret showing solidarity with the unbathed illegitimi. There were some demonstrating outside the White House and one even threw a smoke bomb on to the North lawn. Marvin my new body guy was nearby, taking Bo out for a leak. The  bomb scared the heck out of both of them. Bo jumped  straight into Marvin's arms and that dog is not small [Bo I mean, not Marvin.] If that's how the unbathed  hordes are going express their gratitude, I'll get Eric to instruct the D.C. cops take off the gloves.  Michelle was in a great mood today, maybe it was the afterglow of that  delicious red velvet dessert of which she had, ahem, a generous portion. But, dag-gone, she was the birthday girl.  That'll be Michelle calling now, so I'll close the laptop. And so to bed.