Barack Obama's Diary updated

Dear Diary: With Michelle and the girls skiing at at Aspen, I've got a chance catch up with my daily diary  for the  benefit of  eminent historians who will one day use its  priceless insights to reveal the  genius of The Greatest President in the History of the United States. That  would make a great title for the best-selling autobiography  l  intend to write after leaving office,  to keep Michelle in  midnight chocolate Krispy Kremes for life. Which reminds me, I've only got another couple days before she's back here  making me  eat my  daggone peas. I'm still practicing the word 'daggone' for my encounters with bitter redneck gun clingers. Pretty daggone good, huh?
Talking of  heartburn,  I've got that  daggone  bloodthirsty  Binyamin Netanyahu visiting in  two weeks' time. Hillary wants to arm-twist  him  into not  bombing Iran back to the Dark Ages. Oh wait... they're already there. 
Anyways, Hillary thinks she  can frighten  him  enough to stop him unleashing bunker-busters on Natanz. Seeing as how she  has even scared Bill  back under her thumb, she may well be correct.  H. is a scary woman, almost as scary as M. 
Oops! as  Governor Perry said.   It's getting late.   Time to say a prayer to myself. And so to bed.