Barack Obama's Diary

 Dear Diary: It's been a difficult day (aren't most of them?)  I have apologized to Karzai because  I feel one should always be nice to rude people and they will be nice in return. But the  Afghans aren't responding. How many times do  have to apologize politely to get those  mobs off the streets?   I wanted to ask  Assad courteously to stop killing civilians in Syria,  but meanwhile Hillary has been at a conference in Tunisia baying for his  blood.  Scary woman. Which reminds me:  M. has returned and I'm back on a diet of  fish and daggone peas. Maybe the Republicans were right not to eat them.  
What was I saying?  Oh yes,  about  Hillary being scary.  Now, it turns out that Saddam did have WMDs but he  shipped them off to Syria before our troops could find them.  Awk-waaaard...  but at least  I can blame  Bush one more time. Time to say  a quick prayer to myself. And so to bed.