Barack Obama's Diary: Buenas tardes

Dear Diary: I met today with Mexico's president-elect Enrique Pena Nieto, who will be sworn into office on Saturday. "Buenas tardes, Enrique," I said, dazzling him with my comprehensive command of Hispaniola. He pointed out that "buenos"  not "buenas" was the  correct masculine form. Whatever. We discussed my plans for an immigration reform bill. I'm expecting a fairly easy passage for it in Congress, given that the GOP is chastened by lack of Hispanic support in the election.  I gave him some tips from my four years in office, like "always have fall-guy in place in case a decision goes wrong and make all the promises you want. People forget about them real quick, Pena.. I mean Enrique."
I have been looking over my appointment book for tomorrow and I am scheduled to deliver remarks about Fiscal Cliff --whoever he is...maybe a victim of Hurricane Sandy.  No cause for alarm --my staff will  have my uh... teleprompter set up in good time, with appropriate  heartfelt words for me to utter to the adoring media.