Barack Obama's Diary: I'm outta here

Dictated aboard Air Force One en route from DC to Thailand and Burma. Dear Diary:  I spoke to Bibi earlier and discussed  the fighting in the  ...uh...Middle...uh.... East. Let me be clear, the Muslim Brotherhood are difficult to deal with.  I made an appreciative phone call to Morsi for working to calm tensions. He has replied by firing rockets at Israel from Egypt. I can't understand why the Brotherhood people won't listen. I stood back while they ousted Mubarak. I still send them aid. And still they ignore me. What do I have to do to earn the Brotherhood's co-operation? Give them a nuclear bomb? OK, delete that.
The timing of recent events has been wonderful for me. I got to shine as a compassionate leader after Sandy struck. Now I am able to escape the spotlight as the Middle East ignites by being far away visiting Thailand  and Burma. Fate smiles upon the ...errr...brilliant.