Barack Obama's Diary: Return of the Crazy Coot

Dictated on board Air Force One en route  from  Mentor, Ohio to Milwaukee, Wisconsin:
Dear Diary:  I'm on the road campaigning again -- the  best place to be as the  uh...political  heat climbs in the wake of the uh...hurricane.  Let me be clear:  I've done what is required of me as leader: provided photo-ops, looked busy and made reassuring noises to the unwashed masses. Some of them have the strange idea that they employ me... imagine that.  Meantime, I said yesterday in this... uh...Diary that I need to do something urgently  to muzzle Joe Biden. How right I was. Now he has declared that "that there's  never been a day I've  been proud been proud to be his  Vice President." I have instructed the  crazy old coot to take an immediate  vacation after the election. Soon after that,  I will help him discover an overwhelming urge to spend more time with his ...uh... family.