Barack Obama's Diary: Hey, dudes!

Dear Diary: Here we are in Oahu. My heart leaped as Taxpayer One landed,  coming in low over Pearl Harbor.  Now -- for a few precious days -- no more fiscal cliff, no more John Boehner, just sun and golf, sea and golf, and  the scent of Maui Wowie on  the tropical breeze. Choom time, dudes! Talking of Boehner, those Republicans  truly are clueless when it comes to politics in the Chicago manner; it's like taking candy from a kid. I told Boehner that, if he didn't agree to more  "revenue" and the US went over the fiscal cliff, I would  demonize him and the GOP in both my inaugural address and my state of the union address and  there would be nothing he could do to stop it. Then I left him to sweat it out over the holidays. I love it when a plan comes together.