Barack Obama's Diary: Bluffing Boehner

Dear Diary: Here in the White House, Axelrod, Jarrett and other strategists detected Boehner's weaknesses long ago and have been making him  react rather than act first.  Now he is stepping on the Fiscal  Cliff trap we have set for him, making the GOP look like heartless money grubbers while caving on taxes. And I get to look good in the process. Huzzah! What's not to like? Meantime, back on the beach, Michelle's been calling regularly from Oahu. I am a man of simple pleasures:  a round of golf, a hit of Maui Wowie, a bag of Doritos to stave off the munchies, are all I ask to  pass my days happily on Oahu. But Michelle quickly gets bored and starts hitting the stores. I have no choice but to accept this until I can  return and distract her. Then there is my other vexatious dilemma, Hillary, who despite pleading "concussion" to avoid testifying on Benghazi, has now reportedly popped up with Bill at some decadent Caribbean resort where they will apparently party their way through New Year. Awkwaaard. Hillary's spokespeople discount the report. But they are permanently stuck on  auto-deny.