Barack Obama's Diary: Gregorian chant

Dear Diary: I watched myself on  Meet The Press. and  I am pissed at the way David Gregory grilled me. "Was this Your Lincoln moment?" he demanded, viciously. Lincoln moment?  He knows perfectly well that I am driven about in a specially-modified Cadillac. I allowed him an exclusive interview and this is how he repays me: With an ambush question! I should have known something was afoot when he did not grovel like Chris Matthews, shed tears of gratitude, wring his hands, and drone  on endlessly about honored he was to be in my presence. Gregory was content merely to sink to his knees and kiss the hem of my raiment. I have shown emperors more respect. Bastard! 
[Note to self: Tell Carney never to allow that NBC  ingrate to question me again. In addition to  being impertinent, Gregory is taller than I am.]