Nasty dose of socialist medicine

 A Canadian's tale: "...A very good friend of mine has been waiting for a triple bypass. He was first diagnosed by his doctor in February of this year with a compromised heart condition. Then waited until May for an appointment with a specialist in Kelowna where an angiogram took place and he received the news that there was a 90 per cent blockage in four arteries and that he could have a heart attack at any time because of this condition.
"He was referred to a heart surgeon at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver and in June saw this doctor who agreed with the diagnosis and said the surgery would be done within a month. That would be by the end of July. This is the end of November, he is still waiting and still no surgery scheduled. He has called the surgeon’s office at least six times since the promised date. Some of the reasons given for the delay are: surgeon on vacation, operating rooms shut down for vacations, heart/lung technicians unavailable and other excuses. The bottom line is no date is yet scheduled for this life-saving operation, first brought to light in February, some nine months ago, and my friend waits to have a heart attack..." Read the whole thing.
[Thanks: BJS]