Barack Obama's Diary: Adios, Marco

Dear Diary:   I had a last round of golf today at The Floridian club, with my usual golfing buddies, which made a nice change  from yesterday when Tiger Woods and his coach, Butch Harmon, were following my every move to gain insights from my faultless technique. Alas, I'm  leaving for DC soon  on Taxpayer One, reaching the White House at 7.30pm. I was  despondent at having to resume the routine of Government, but then I read that Nancy Pelosi is claiming I can  kill US citizens with a drone without publicly announcing the deed.  I immediately ordered  our legal guys to work on this. Imagine if it's true! All I would have to do would be to wait for somebody like Marco Rubio  to take one step off US soil and pouff !  If you try to steal my limelight in Israel, Marco, it will take more than a swig of bottled water to save your Latino ass. Comprende?