Michelle, you're no Hadiya

Brian Williams let Michelle Obama's Chicago speech on gun control run for a couple of minutes on the NBC evening news. In it she proclaimed “Hadiya Pendleton Was Me”  
"No Actually, Michelle, Hidiya wasn’t you." says Tammy Bruce in a scalding response:  "She’s now a dead teenager because of the pit that liberal policies made her town. Gang violence, poverty, no jobs, no hope, no real police protection. Neighborhoods that have been abandoned because there’s no money because no one is working because liberal politicians seem more and more like vampires as they drain cities and towns and finally families of their life blood.  No Michelle, Hadiya wasn’t you. She was a teenager condemned, like so many others, by a political class that doesn’t give a damn, and only sees the average American as a speed-bump on the road to more power and money. Read it all.