Barack Obama's Diary: Tee time

Dear Diary:  Golf glorious golf, there's nothing quite like it! I have outfoxed those who would seize the chance to complain about my golfing on a weekday, by playing with three senators: two Republicans and one Democrat. Everyone and their cat wants me to cozy up to Congress, so it's a win-win. A masterly move --if I may say so myself-- and I can, so I have. I normally play with aides who have the commonsense not to outplay me. The downside of playing with Senators Corker, Chambliss and Udall is that they have no inhibitions about that whatsoever. The sky is cloudy and showers are expected. Today could take an overall ugly turn. Michelle keeps Bo well away from me after golf so I can't kick him. I may have to be content with the ritual of calling Carney in and ripping him a new one for any bad press I've gotten today. But enough about me.