Balack Obama's Dialy

The hacks of the MSM took the wind out of my discussions with President Xi  today. All he would do was  constantly glance  at his fake Rolex while whining about the absence of Michelle and complaining that any discussion about cyberwarfare was pointless, given the presence of the NSA and PRISM on the Internet. He didn't even finish the delicious take-out General Tso's chicken specially ordered for him from Palm Springs.   But  I allowed myself a few non-PC laughs as soon as I had dispatched  the  ill-tempered little plick to Palm Springs airport. By then my golf buddies  Mike Ramos, Bobby Titcomb and Greg Orme, had arrived for the serious business of the day:  a round of golf on the Annenberg estate's nine-hole course. It was infernally hot, so at the 10th hole  we bloke open some blewskis and partied into the night. But enough about me.