Barack Obama's Diary: Decisions, decisions

Dear Diary: Damnation! I've had to do what I hate more than anything else -- which is to make a decision on my own. I normally leave it to my aids so I can kick ass if anything goes wrong. But with Syria I was backed into a corner.  For weeks I had been able to take cover successfully by saying the evidence of chemical weapons use was "inconclusive". But by Thursday the pressure was becoming unbearable --even Bill Clinton was urging me to act. So after strategizing with Jarrett I  asked Ben Rhodes to announce that we would be taking "unspecified" action to help the rebels. That was a brilliant move, if I may say so, and  I do. If our "unspecified" action fails, no-one will know...but if it works we can trumpet that to the world. I think I'm finally getting the hang of this job. But enough about me.