Destroying America, one cabinet post at a time

Chris Wysocki chooses his words well when it comes to detailing the dirty deeds of Dear Leader:  
 Today he writes: "Obama isn't even trying to pretend he's an American any more. Or a patriot, deferential to the Founding Fathers. He's a tyrant, and malevolent to boot. Susan "YouTube" Rice gets rewarded for her Benghazi duplicity with a promotion to National Security AdvisorAnd Samantha "Death-to-Israel" Power slithers into Rice's old job as U.N. Ambassador.Both reporting for duty under the jaundiced eye of Genghis John Kerry.Neither interested in what we used to call "America."While Kathleen Sebelius is now officially Obamacare's Death Panel of one.As political hack Stephanie Cutter was given free reign to dispatch the IRS with orders to run roughshod over Tea Party groups and other "enemies of the state."Oh, by the way, is Eric Holder still investigating himself? Or was that file closed with nary a whimper? You can't ask the media, and I seem to have lost track. Read it all