Impeach, Impeach!

"The time for words is over. Action must be taken. Obama has no regard for the American people. Obama has no regard for the rule of law. Obama has no regard for the Constitution," says the Western Center for Journalism. It continues:

Obama shoved socialized healthcare down the throat of America, a program that is driving up the cost of health insurance and is projected to cost almost two trillion dollars—just in the first decade! If the massive debt amassed from Obama’s trillion dollar Stimulus and multi-trillion dollar bank bailouts don’t bankrupt this country, ObamaCare surely will.
Obama has continually tried to disarm the American people, attempting to nullify the Second Amendment through a phony “assault weapons” ban, not to mention trying to sidestep Congress by planning to sign the United Nations Small Arms Treaty. This so-called “treaty” will put UN regulations above the Constitution.
Obama shipped guns to Mexican drug cartels in the Fast and Furious program in order to blame the increase in drug cartel violence on American gun dealers—specifically to limit our Second Amendment rights. Included in the thousands of guns shipped to Mexican drug cartels are the weapons used to murder Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and ICE agent Jaime Zapata...Obama has targeted his enemies with the IRS—the Tea Party, pro-life Groups, any group or person that opposes his radical leftist policies.
Obama has targeted the press, including Fox News and the Associated Press. As we learned yesterday, CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson’s work and home computer was hacked. Someone was “scrubbing” data—that is, stealing files—from her computer at the exact time that she was exposing Obama’s Benghazi cover-up. That it was an Obama operative is a forgone conclusion.
Obama has taken the Patriot Act to an unimaginable, Orwellian level. The NSA under a program we know now called PRISM is spying on every single American, ingesting literally everything that is communicated electronically: phone calls, email, text,  Facebook posts, Skype, travel records—even credit card transactions and banking records.
The time for words is over. Action must be taken. Barack Hussein Obama should be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors—now—today" Read it all