Barack Obama's Diary: Socckett to me

Dear Diary:  I can't pretend it was easy sharing the spotlight with George Bush. But I had to endure it while we both left a wreath at the memorial to those lost in the Dar es Salaam embassy bombing. But I was able to gain some attention later at a demonstration of the Socckett Ball, which is part of my Power Initiative in the country of Africa. I explained  to the audience:  "It has a  generator and  a battery inside.  The kids kick it around all day, then, after dark, a family in their mud hut miles from the electric grid can plug in their fridge, freezer, washing machine, dishwasher,  vacuum cleaner. An aide hissed in my ear. "Sir  people off the grid don't have  appliances." Awkwaard. But I was up for the challenge and I quickly added: "Of course Americans  taxpayers, will be giving Africa billions of  dollars to buy appliances." Problem solved. After we boarded Air Force One for the flight home,  I found that Marv,  my ever-attentive travel director had laid out my Blankey, Boo-boo, next to my blue jammies. As we overflew the bulge of Africa, I settled down to sleep, Boo-Boo's satin edge against my cheek, while I was soothed by the roar of  four Pratt and Whitney jet engines. It's good to be king. But enough about me.