Dear Barry: L.C.'s Advice column

Dear BARRY: I am CEO of a large corporation and  I have considerable trouble making decisions. Yet I am required to make difficult decisions all the time. What shall I do? --G.H., Los Angeles.

Dear G.H.: The solution is remarkably easy. If you have to make an unpleasant decision, don't --not to begin with. Spend a few weeks "considering alternatives" This will make you  appear to be working very hard to avoid  an unpleasant outcome. Meantime, buy  more time by saying that there's a "red line" that must not be crossed. Allow it to be crossed, say it is a "grave matter" but still do nothing. Allow a clamor to arise for  you to take the unpopular decision. Still do nothing. Now persuade some other large corporations to go in first to provide you with cover and take the heat if the unpopular decision proves to be wrong. Let it be known via compliant media that your advisers are conflicted. Then act: You will have covered your ass, while appearing bold, decisive. and way cool. --BARRY, D.C.