Case Notes: Patient 450463, Obama Barack H.

9/7/13  Patient remained in a deep hypnotic trance for several hours. As dawn's early light shone through the windows of Air Force One I snapped my fingers near patient's ear and he sat up sleepily. " It's dawn,"  I said, "so I guess we'll be landing in DC in a couple hours. I will leave  you now so you can catch up on events and have breakfast in peace." I made my way to the general cabin and  gratefully accepted an offer of coffee.  I turned on my miniature digital recorder and dictated the general observations that follow:  I have  previously noted patient's Narcissistic Personality Disorder which today manifests itself as an obsession with Syria, where Patient is childishly focused on immediate gratification and seems completely incapable of thinking in terms of logical steps and consequences.  Obamacare-- in which I have a vested interest, as a psychiatrist-- is another obvious example.  When I am back in DC I will have to consult with Valerie Jarrett and Joe Biden about how they wish to proceed.  Personally, I would put the moron out to pasture. But that's just me.   [BJS]