Progress Notes: Patient 540463, Obama, Barack H.

9/9/13: Patient is pacing around his private quarters with his head  in his hands. Vlad Putin called while I was there and said: "Obamavitch, how are your efforts at launching a limited strike against Syria?  I have a surprise for you Obamavitch. Bwaaahha!ha! We've persuaded Assad to hand over his stockpile of chemical weapons to us. So you no longer have a pretext for attacking him.  How's that for smart diplomacy, Obamavitch? Watch Uncle Vlad and learn. Bwwaaaha!ha! "
Patient  sat on his ivory throne and sobbed. "What am I going to do, Doctor? I have pre-taped  interviews for all the major networks for tonight. And now Putin is going to make me look like a fool."  [I refrained from telling the moron that he had accomplished that on his own] " Bastard!  Putin, you Bastard!  Patient repeated. He  called Valerie Jarrett to ask her what to do. I took the opportunity to slip away.---Dictated by S.H. Rink, M.D.