Barack Obama's Diary: Putin calls

Dear Diary:  My day began with  a half-forgotten displeasure. As I spooned up my last few Froot Loops, my iPresidentophone vibrated and began belting out the Moscow Steelworkers Male Voice Choir's rendition of Keep The Red  Flag Lying  Flying. " Good morning, Obamavitch. Vladimir here!"
Good morning Vladimir" I replied. "To what do I owe the honor of this call?"
"You haven't heard the news?"
"What news?" I asked.
"Forbes magazine has listed the most powerful people in the world, and guess who came top?
" I'll give you a clue, Obamavitch...It's not you.
"It's you?" I asked. " Bwaaaaha!ha!" he replied, " Yes, it's me, Ovitch " "Best laugh I've had for a long time. Maybe if you had taken the trouble to consult me about socialized medicine you might have saved yourself a lot of embarrassment, Obamavitch.  All you've got to do is shoot a few peasants. The rest will join Obamacare faster than you can say Sibelius. But enough about me.