Progress Notes for Patient 540463: Obama, Barack H.

Patient's extreme agitation has not improved.  His  symptoms  now veer further towards outright paranoia.   He feels increasingly unable to control events. He says  this morning he wanted to intimidate the veterans demonstrating their resentment at the closure of war memorials, but Valerie Jarrett stopped him and confiscated his  specially engraved iPresidentophone, an instrument  of which he is inordinately proud.  "She told me that I could have it back after an hour and suggested that in the meantime  I take the dogs for a walk. Auuugh! Doctor, no sooner had I stepped onto the lawn than a bloodthirsty mob of veterans appeared on the sidewalk outside, jeering and bearing the very Barrycades that I had ordered placed around the memorials to keep  the veterans  out. Men who run straight into machine gunfire to save a comrade  or to capture a beach, are obviously heedless savages not be trusted around a gentle peace-loving  person such as myself."  "Indeed not," I replied, nodding my head sagely. At least patient appears to be easing up on his weed intake. I might be able to risk giving the moron a mild sedative  tomorrow.  ---Dictated by S.H. Rink M.D.