Meet a real 'extremist'

Keith Koffler of White House Dossier has posted a remarkable letter from a reader.
"My husband and I have been involved with the Tea Party from the very beginning. We marched in Washington on April 15, 2010, the original protest of the Tea Party. We have been involved with Tea Party causes, protests, candidates, etc. since then.
 We are grandparents in our early 70’s who are worried, not so much about ourselves, but who are worried sick about the type of Country our grandchildren will be living in. We are college graduates, worked in Corporate America for over 30 years, raised two wonderful daughters who are outstanding citizens, have 3 wonderful Grandchildren and are comfortably retired. We love this Country dearly and are very, very grateful to those who had the wisdom to found it and to those who have had the courage to defend it.
We have so many friends that feel the same way and we wonder, are we in the majority or are we really just a tiny segment of the populations, as the Liberals like to say? Since the Liberal Establishment is so vicious in their attacks, we think that they must feel that there are more of us than it makes them comfortable, and they are afraid of what our movement can do to their agenda.
Witness the IRS scandal. It is amusing and sort of sad to hear the Liberal Establishment depicts us as “terrorists”, “anarchists”, “dangerous”, “arsonists”, etc. We are just regular Americans who want to live and let live, who love this Country and who want to preserve it for the next generation. It is as simple as that.
I happen to be an American by choice, (Mexican-American heritage). I know what is like to grow up in the Third World and it makes me very uneasy to start seeing things I grew up with in Mexico, such as the eroding of our personal safety and property rights, and the increase of “Crony” Capitalism and corruption, becoming more and more common in this Country.  It is my feeling that many of our young people now days should visit one of those “Socialist” countries they think we should emulate and see how the real people, not the elites live there. They have no idea of what this country is all about and how fortunate they are to have been born as an American.  We have no choice but to continue “fighting” in any way we can.
The Republican Party needs to learn to communicate the ideas of Liberty, Limited Government and the Free Market in a more articulate and effective way. They really have been so ineffective to date.
 Koffler replies: "Thanks Georgina for you eloquent statement, which I think speaks for many who associate themselves with the Tea Party and its advocates in Congress. I’m deeply sorry the man who is supposed to be president of all of us thinks of you as an enemy."