Progress notes for Patient 540463, Obama, Barack H.

Patient is again showing signs of acute paranoia. When I made a house call today, he flung himself down on the brown pseudo-velvet sofa in his private quarters and confessed to a humiliating experience at the Bidens on Halloween when Joe Biden appeared at the door in a Putin mask and patient turned and fled down the driveway squealing, with his family and Secret Service detail in hot pursuit. "I am not normally as volatile as that doctor, but I had a big joint of Blueberry Yum Yum  weed  a couple of hours earlier."
"Yes, that was most unwise," I told patient." I have warned you before that I cannot treat you if you self-medicate." I continued: "There is question I want you to answer, Barack: " You were quoted in a Washington Post book review as saying  to aides, regarding drone hits,  that you're "really good at killing people"   
"Well, it's true, Doctor, I have struck down from the skies many more that Bush did." 
The Moron  has thus created a serious situation, as I am required to report any homicidal intentions to the authorities. I shall have to report this to Chuck Hagel and the top brass at the Pentagon to ensure they monitor his drone use. Professionally speaking, I think this is a classic case of a child being bullied [in his case in Indonesia]  and growing up to be a ruthless street thug to compensate. -- Dictated by S.H Rink, M.D.        [BJS]