Barack Obama's Diary: Valjar's night on the town

Dear Diary: M. and I took Valerie Jarrett out to Nora's organic eatery  in DC this  evening, to celebrate Val's birthday. She has more than earned an expensive  treat this week after helping me to draw up my response to what I now refer to as SoetoroCare which is a swamp of monstrous misjudgements, even by Democrat standards. Thanks for nuttin,' Kathleen Sibelius. Nora's  food was delicate, but  the few lungsful of Blueberry Yum Yum  I had sneaked earlier had given me the munchies, and I yearned for a bag of Cheetos and a nice thick beef  fillet with A1 steak sauce, but Michelle would have torn me limb from limb if I  had dared  even to think of such a thing. Not that Nora would have deigned to have such toxic food in her immaculate culinary temple. But enough about me.