Progress Notes for Patient 540463: OBAMA, Barack, H.

At the White House state dinner Valerie  Jarrett stopped by my chair, leaned over and  and whispered fiercely in my ear: "Doctor, he needs help." I seems that Patient panicked when Francois Hollande explained the concept of lèse-majesté to him. Patient is now convinced that he is not being paid the respect due to him as a Head of State ."Tell him I'll meet him in the men's room while the salad course is cleared," I told her. Patient appeared soon after. 
"Aah! Your Majesty!" I declared. "What did you think lèse-majesté  meant before Francois Hollande explained it to you?"
"I just assumed it was how people adressed a royal lesbian."
"Don't fret, majesty," I told the moron. "It's nothing that a few more regulations  and a shot of a mild sedative won't fix." He looked at me with grateful eyes and then navigated his way carefully back to the top table. As I sat down again, I caught Val Jarrett's eye and gave her a discreet thumbs-up. ---Dictated by S.H. Rink, M.D