Barack Obama's Diary: First aides

Dear Diary: A fine day of golf on the nine-hole course on the Annenberg  estate, Sunnylands, at Rancho Mirage, California. Everything went  according to plan.  I played with childhood buddies Bobby Titcomb, Greg Orme and Michael Ramos.  I was good to see them again, but I prefer to play with my aides Marv Nicholson and Sam Kass who know how to subtly add a couple strokes  when they come  too close to beating the Boss. We had a few Dos Equis  brewskis last night-- swigged straight from the bottle, macho-style,  and we all agreed that we were the most interesting men in the world. Later I had a vivid dream in which Mitt Romney --like the dying monster in a horror movie--suddenly came back to life. But enough about me.