Crazy 'crats target weiner wagon

Rosie D’Rivera was 53, out of work and living through a tough economic time. When she couldn’t find work, she decided to take matters into her own hands and open a hot dog cart. But she didn't take bureaucrats into account. Rosie said she started the business out of desperation and definitely made some mistakes. "When I started this, I didn't do my research. It was out of desperation, like oh my God, what am I gonna do? How am I gonna make money. I gotta pay my mortgage. So I went in head first. A lot of people think this is an easy business," she explained. Today, she is the proud owner of Rosie’s Weenie Wagon, a food truck serving hot dogs to Englewood, New Jersey residents. She only has a peddler’s license from the city of Englewood, which has made it difficult for her to succeed.
The peddler’s license forces her to move her cart every 15 minutes. Efforts were made by the city to accommodate Rosie’s needs and allow her to stay, but a solution could not be found.