Amazing: Hollywood star makes reasonable comment

It’s very rare for anyone in Hollywood to have anything reasonable to say these days, but when someone does, it’s always good to highlight it, says The Conservative Tribune.
Liberals are going crazy right now over some comments by actress Kirsten Dunst in defense of traditional gender roles.
In her comments, Dunst approved of women who go out and earn a living, but also emphasized the need for them  to be mothers:
“I feel like the feminine has been a little undervalued,” she says. “We all have to get our own jobs and make our own money, but staying at home, nurturing, being the mother, cooking – it’s a valuable thing my mum created. And sometimes, you need your knight in shining armor. I’m sorry. You need a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman. That’s why relationships work…”
Of course, feminists are freaking out that Dunst suggested that women have an important role in the home as homemakers.  In an age where women who freely choose to be homemakers are demeaned by feminists for not being “strong and independent,” it’s refreshing to see someone in liberal, pro-feminist Hollywood embrace traditional gender roles and reject political correctness. Natural differences in sentiments, dispositions, and inclinations between men and women are something to be embraced and not destroyed.  These things aren’t social constructs, but they are hardwired in us biologically as a part of a grand design where men and women complement each other in daily life.  It’s great to see a celebrity speaking out about this."  [Source]