Barack Obama's Diary: Honest Abe

Dear Diary:  It seems that the Japanese have taken offence at the absence of Michelle on my visit to Japan. Ambassador Caroline Kennedy gave me a heads-up about this on my way to dinner with Prime Minister Abe. I greeted Mr Abe and said: "It is a delightful coincidence that you  share a name with one of our greatest presidents "
"Which President, Mr President?" Mr Abe asked.
'Why, Abe Lincoln, of course" I answered, between delicious mouthfuls of Kobe beef.
We had a translator at the table with us. I am not familiar with Japanese gestures, but the translator made a rotary motion with an index  finger around one ear as he said: "Abe Lincoln." There was an  fleeting silence which I filled with a sip of excellent plum wine. But enough about me.