Barack Obama's Diary: I heal in Oso

Dear Diary:I like it when  I can seen showing compassion to ordinary folks who have suffered extraordinary misfortune. On my way to Tokyo today I was able to bestow my healing presence on the mudslide town of Oso, Washington.  Then I reboarded Air Force One for the flight to Tokyo. Soon after take-off I visited the cockpit to give the pilots a few tips [I'm a better pilot than my pilots] Then I retired to my bedroom and the soothing delights of Blankie, my comfort blanket, which Marv Nicholson,  my trip director, now knows is as important as my extra- large  container of hand sanitizer that I use use after shaking hands with, and and high-fiving, the unwashed masses. Time for me to snooze, relax and hopefully only wake up as we near Narita airport. But enough about me.