Barack Obama's Diary: Hot sauce

Dear Diary: I was interviewed today by local and national meteorologists. They sought my prognostications on Climate Change which I was happy to give, since I know more about meteors than most meteorologists.  Meteors, I told them,  only become visible when they burn up in the Earth's atmosphere. That silenced them for a while, until one impertinent  twerp suggested that the "large amount" of hot air emanating from the White House might be accelerating global warming. As if. I met with the Ketchup King in the early evening hoping that he had not  stoked more fury in Ukraine. Alas, the lugubrious Lurch seems to have fanned the conflict still further and, in Israel, Bibi will no longer even speak to him, which is making a renewal of peace talks something of a challenge. But Lurch does sometimes achieve things by simply boring people into submission -- anything to stop that awful droning.  But I can at least put some  blame for foreign policy blunders on him, now that George W is no longer a credible target. But enough about me.