Dim Crims: Thieves send selfies, arrested

A pair of thieves managed to steal a teen's phone during a party—and they promptly incriminated themselves by sending a selfie to the kid's friends. One of the thieves has now turned himself in, and he's been charged with petit larceny, police say. Khayyam Alexander, 16, and his partner in crime took 14-year-old James Pugliatti's phone during a party for under-18s in New York, officials say, per The New York Daily News.
On the subway afterward, the thieves took a picture of themselves, The New York Post reports. They cleverly sent it to all Pugliatti's friends via the photo-messaging app Snapchat, the Post notes. One friend got a screenshot and forwarded it to Pugliatti's mom. Annette Pugliatti also reportedly received a vulgar message from the thieves.  [Source]    [BJS]