Barack Obama's Diary: Game of Drones

Dear Diary: I am seething with rage at the GOP inaction in the face of the immigrant windfall. Here I am  achieving the miracle of importing thousands of lifetime Democrat voters and ACA patients while seeming to do all I can to stem the tide and all they do is refuse to implement an amnesty.  I discussed with Biden over lunch, if a few ISIS-style beheadings in the Rose Garden might bring the GOP to heel. Biden  agreed, which was an immediate signal to abandon the idea.  And then there is the problem of the Supremes who are making my life a living hell.  I took a fat spliff out of my special supply of Blueberry Yum Yum in the secret compartment of the Resolute Desk, where Teddy Roosevelt kept his big stick.  Then l smoked it out on the South Lawn  to get a second opinion.  I was thus engaged when I heard a buzzing, whirring sound. A drone! I must take cover! ISIS is more resourceful than I thought... or is this is how Vladimir Putin  gets his uncanny ability to track all my activities?