Dim Crims: Man claims to be sleeping burglar

There are all kinds of innocent reasons why a guy might find himself on the rooftop of a convenience store at 3am, Joshue Holoman tried to explain to suspicious police officers earlier this week. The tar-covered Florida man, who had allegedly pried open the Sunoco's air-conditioning shaft, at first said he was trying to visit family members, although there were no members of the Holoman clan to be found on the roof of the Daytona Beach store, reports The Daytona Beach News-Journal.
Cops say the 30-year-old then claimed that he was an air-conditioning repairman who had heard the units making noise and gone up to fix them. Finally, he tried to persuade officers that he was just sleeping on the roof and had smeared tar on himself so he wouldn't be seen. Police weren't buying any of those excuses: Holoman was arrested and charged with attempted burglary, possession of burglary tools, and criminal mischief, reports KFOR.  [BJS]