Barack Obama's Diary: 'Mr. Putin, 'Tear down that storm!'

Dear  Diary: As I sat down to my Froot Loops this morning, my iPresidentophone blared the Red Army Choir version of The Volga River Boatmen.  I was expecting the call after seeing NBC's Al Roker talking about a gathering  Siberian storm predicted to create havoc as it infiltrates  North America and distorts the Polar Vortex. This must be what I was taught about in Kenya/  Hawaii High school history -- a Cold War battle of the kind at which Ronald Reagan  excelled.  I called  for White House videographer  Pete Souza and then I turned on my phone's speaker. Sousa positioned himself in the notorious Clinton closet. As the camera rolled, I declared loudly: " Mr Putin: Tear down that storm!" He replied: "Son of a Vitch, Obama...What the hell are you smoking?"   Which  somewhat detracted from the effect I was seeking. I  caught Souza's eye and ran a a  finger across my throat. He nodded, understanding that I wanted a cut at that point. ( Of course, I never interfere with the media.) But enough about me.