Barack Obama's Diary: Kaboom! My stubborn pursuit of ganja continues

Alas, Marv Nicholson ultimately  declined to take me out in his white Civic to hunt down some of the weed  that dealers are now selling near schools in DC. But, being the stalwart guy that he is, he promised to persuade the operator of a food truck near the White House to keep a supply of this essential  item for White House staff, Secret Service personnel and other assorted ne'er-do-wells.
I dispatched Marv with a fat bankroll to stock-up for me. Soon afterwards there was a loud explosion...and the Secret Service locked down the White House, as I hid in my usual refuge: the notorious Lewinsky masturbatorium. Apparently the truck operator had allowed his propane stove to extinguish itself during the transaction with Marv and the build-up of unburned propane had caused a minor explosion. I've  been able to replenish my weed in the secret compartment of the Resolute Desk in which Teddy Roosevelt is reputed to have kept that legendary big stick which he carried around while speaking so softly.