Barack Obama's Diary: ka-choom! I go into orbit

Yesterday, I asked my ultra-discreet trip director, Marv Nicholson, to obtain  for me a sample of Shatter.  a novelty in the marijuana market, made by dissolving cannabis oil in butane, thus creating an hugely potent  ultra-thin product that is readily concealed  and used to thwart busybodies like   Dr. S.H. Rink who injects me with a sedative at the vaguest hint that I have indulged in weed. Marv came through promptly, as I knew he would, and  even provided a glass pipe in which to smoke the shatter.  He wisely suggested that I wait for Valerie Jarrett to land on Oahu from DC  before lighting up.  Of course, I was much too impatient to wait.  Ka-choom! The effect  of the shatter was like being launched to the International Space Station without  benefit of a rocket.