Barack Obama's Diary

Dear Diary:  A better day, today. I unleashed our attack dog, Hillary, on those daggone conservatives who complain every time I grovel before Karzai make one of my perfectly reasonable apologies for the disastrous Quran-burning incident. She  accused them of  risking " inflaming the situation." Scary woman. Talking of which, M.  ordered up  a 2000- calorie meal for the  Governors of the 57 58  50 states. Heck, you can't serve Chris Christie two carrot sticks and a sardine. We all had steak, and vegetables in a delicious  sauce. Yours truly had a welcome break from M.'s frozen  home-grown peas. We've got 78 members of the Armed services coming  to dinner and a photo-op on Friday [this is a sop to Axelrod and Jarrett  who are always talking about 'optics'.] That night I should get another break  from rabbit food.  It's time to close the laptop, say my bedtime  prayer to myself, and so to bed.