Barack Obama's Diary

Dear Diary: A long, long, day,  motivating young voters from North Carolina to Colorado. Included was  a taping  of the Jimmy Fallon Show.  Fallon  unexpectedly asked about the Secret Service debacle. Awkwaaard... I was expecting the usual softball questions. But I handled it well, though I say so myself, and I do. I smoothly blamed  a 'couple of knuckleheads.''  Of course,  it's was  a tad more than that, but most  TV hosts are too overcome with awe to harass me  with follow-up questions.  Then on to Boulder  Colorado where a flustered student  spilled yogurt on my pants. Talking of pants  the Cartagena  debacle continues with Senator Chuck Grassley demanding to know  details of our internal inquiry which cleared White House  staff  of inappropriate conduct. Grassley wants to know  things like  exactly how many  WH Staff  had overnight guests in their rooms.  Sigh...a leader's work is never done. Mutt  Mitt seems to have wrapped up his nomination late tonight. With that I must close the laptop, say a fervent prayer to myself, renew acquaintance with Boo-boo, my blankey, um-num-num-um, Barry love Boo-boo.  And so to bed, trying not dream about Ann Romney measuring the  Oval Office for drapes.