Barack Obama's Diary

Dear Diary:  Golf, glorious golf, there's nothing quite like it!  After a week of non-stop campaigning  working,  I finally was able to  arrange a round today at Fort Belvoir with  staffers Nicholson, Kent and Plouffe, all of whom can be relied upon to discreetly  lag a stroke or two behind the boss and not  to query my absence from church. I  took my secure cellphone with me on  the links,  ready to approve any hit on my kill list between strokes.  I love to multitask.  There were some pop-up thunderstorms around, but no storm would dare risk striking my Majestic self. Talking of dangers, we gave Mitt something to think about today. Rahm publicly told him to stop whining about  our election tactics. Behind the scenes he no doubt  gave Mitt the Chicago treatment: Nice car-elevator  you got there,  Mitt, we wouldn't want it  anything to happen to  it would we? 
Moving  along: I was told that the head of the British version of the CIA predicts Iran will have a nuke by 2014.  With Syria's WMDs already on the move,  Bibi must  be as  jittery as Joe after a  double expresso.
After golf and fresh air I am ready for the rigors of another week  of fundraising, starting in Cincinnati. Michelle is tucked up and I'm ready for the Presidentopedic myself and for Boo-boo, my blankey who's hiding under my pillow. Barry luv Boo-boo, um-num-num-um...zzzzz...