BH our Sydney Correspondent sends this: Tim Blair of The Sydney Telegraph writes: "Leftists love forming committees almost as much as they love spending your money. Even the least consequential leftist movement inevitably produces a hellspawn of useless committees devoted to various pointless missions. Occupy Sydney, for example, featured eight committees and 11 working groups – meaning they had more committees and groups than actual Occupants.
This weekend’s March in March demonstrations, being held now because there isn’t a month called Stupid Whiny Bitching, have also generated the usual number of committees and such. So far as I can tell, these protests are driven byleftist rage over the recent lack of asylum seeker deaths and the government’s failure to provide handouts for multinational businesses. Here’s a partial committee count
What started from very humble beginnings, almost as a thought bubble on Twitter, has grown to a large group of volunteers now being organised by a national administration committee …
This committee has the support, at each march location, of a sub-committee responsible for the organisation of their march …
The committee of six in Brisbane consists of a broad range of people who represent and understand the needs of many diverse community members …
The National Administration Committee has ensured that all the local committees have the appropriate permits and permissions in place. 
Well done, National Administrative Committee, sub-committees and committees of six. Still, they haven’t quite managed to quell the standard leftist impulse for infighting and backstabbing, probably because of not enough committees. Let’s help them out:
What committees should be added to the March in March?