Barack Obama's Diary

Dear Diary: I took a break today from the all-important  business of fundraising, to attend to  lesser  concerns like the nation's drought and the Syrian civil war. I  reminded Agriculture  Secretary  Tom Vilsack that farmers are like other entrepreneurs: they didn't create their farms. Somebody else made that happen. I also met with Hillary so she could brief me on  her nine-country tour and  what it was like in Egypt being the target of tomatoes, shoes and taunts of " Monica." 
I reminded her that she didn't  create the angry crowd, somebody else made that happen. "Yeah, you and  your smart diplomacy," she  shot back. After that,  I met with Joe Biden over lunch and reminded him that  he didn't create himself, somebody else overcame thin walls to make that happen. Later I welcomed the 2012 NCAA Women's Basketball Champion Baylor Bears to the White House. I reminded them that they didn't create their historic 40-0 season. Somebody else made that happen.  The women narrowed their eyes and stared.  Yikes. I said I had an urgent matter to sort out and I hurried  to the Oval Office, there to hide in the Clinton Closet until Marv called me on my  iPresidophone, saying the players  had left. Talking of scary ladies, M. is  calling for me to join her. It will be relief to pull my blankey, Boo-boo, from under my pillow and cuddle him...Barry luv Boo-boo... um-num-num-um...zzzzzz

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