Barack Obama's Diary

Dear Diary: It has been  a long day here on the West Coast. I flew from SF to Denver to address a convention of Veterans of Foreign Wars [among whom I am proudly numbered, having several drone attacks to my name.] I pointed out to them how my leadership had  provided a "new attitude"  abroad to the  US and how we are more respected around the world as a result. There was a wave of coughing and throat-clearing that was obviously the result of them being choked-up with the emotion brought on by  my inspiring words. Such reactions are common when great leaders speak, if I  can say so myself, and I can.  I flew to Oakland for two more fundraisers. And  finally retired late to an unfamiliar bed. But thankfully, Marv, my trip director, had thought ahead and laid out my back-up blankey Boo-booTwo alongside my blue jammies. Now for some California Dreamin'...  Barry luv Boo-booTwo...um-num-num-um....zzzzzz