Barack Obama's Diary

Dear Diary: Aauugh! Another exasperating day. After  a credentialing ceremony for ambassadors, I flew to New York for a fundraiser at the NoMad Hotel. In fact I was mad as heck, because those  daggone inconsiderate Turks chose that moment to mobilize their army near the Syrian border. I almost had to abandon the  vital business of campaign  fundraising to keep track of  some rinky-dink regional war. I may even have to  allow Panetta to make a gutsy call once I have erected a legal firewall so that he, or our military brass, can be blamed for any mishaps, rather than my majestic self. I'm back home now, ready to slide into the Presidentopedic and enjoy the reassuring feel of my blankey Boo-boo. Let's hope Hillary doesn't call me at 3am, which she does whenever there is a credible excuse like Syria. Barry luv Boo-boo..um-num-num-um...zzzzz..