Dear Cabby: Street-wise advice

Dear Cabby: I was fired from my job as a TV anchor a few weeks ago because of a lack of chemistry with my co-anchor. What shall I do?  -- Ann C., Manhattan

Dear Ann C. You goin' to da Rockefeller Center? I watched you every mornin' on Today  when I was on late shift. Dey said you had no chemistry widdat  goodam leftie Matt Lauer.  Dat's like whining dat you couldn't  set fire to a raw potato.  So,  lady, whatyagonna do? Dey wanted you at the Aurora  massacre to bring  'gravitas' because your successor is too girly-girly. Geez lady, if dey want  gravitas, make 'em  pay your weight  in gold, or tell 'em  to fuggedaboudit. Here we are at da Rockefeller Center.  Good luck lady, and thanks for da tip. --Cabby